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Panasonic Phone

Panasonic Phone: A Quality Telecommunications System

Perhaps better known for their television and audio ranges, the quality of the Panasonic phone has become highly regarded as a brand to trust in personal and business phone system solutions. With a range of products from high-end, feature-rich systems to low-cost, basic models, the Panasonic phone is exciting experts in the telephonic industry worldwide.

How Will A Panasonic Phone Suit My Business?

The range of Panasonic phone systems designed for small businesses offer a large suite of additional features to aid in productivity, streamlined communication and user-friendly call connections and transfers. Hold music, voicemails, automatic answering, conferencing calling and VoIP or cable compatibility make a Panasonic phone system the perfect addition for any business.

How Will A Panasonic Phone Suit My Home?

Technological advancements in Panasonic phone systems have seen the addition of cameras and colour screens to a range of family phones. This not only allows multiple users on a call in different rooms of the home but also allows users to see what is happing in a different room through the camera and screen technologies. Originally designed as a baby monitor, this range offers a new level of mobility and whole family communication via phone.

Wireless Convenience

Panasonic phone systems are also available in wireless models providing a portable solution for your home or office. These wireless phones offer the reliable, stable and quality reception of a landline phone whilst still allowing movement throughout a home or office. These ranges of wireless Panasonic phone systems also offer a number of features including multiple lines, multiple handsets, voicemails, caller ID and more. Furthermore, some wireless packages have Bluetooth compatibility and are able to be connected with your mobile phone allowing calls to be made from the cell phone with a stable reception. This feature is perfect for those who don’t wish to use a landline at home or in the office but find reception spotty or unstable.

Panasonic Phone Design

Panasonic phone handsets are not just functional but can be very visually appealing with a range of retro colours recently released including pink, orange, red and blue. These cordless phones offer a touch of bright colour to your home or office.

Conference Calling

A conferencing calling feature has caused an emergence of Panasonic phone systems in the workplace with eight microphones converting speaking voices to clear digital audio packages within a 3.5m radius of the phone. This feature of Panasonic phone models has been designed with a busy workplace in mind and is designed to reduce background noise and echo during conference calling.

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