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Samsung Phone System

The Samsung Phone System: Elements to Consider in Your Search For The Perfect System

Highly regarded in the telephonic industry, a Samsung phone system is perfect for small or large businesses with the brand offering a range of phones dependant on phone system capacity, usage and features required. Samsung is a

South Korean brand and with a reputation as the globe’s most popular consumer electronics brand name, it also holds a key stake in the commercial market and has been developing technologies for the last decade to produce advanced models for the office.

What to Look For When Choosing Your Samsung Phone System

There are a number of elements to look for when choosing a Samsung phone system for your business. Asking a few questions will save a lot of time and money by assisting in selecting the perfect phone for your office’s capacity, usage, future growth plans and feature requirements.

It is first important to consider the current number of lines required and the potential number of lines you may require in future years of growth. Some models of the range have limited scalability, perfect for small or medium sized businesses, but not suited to larger corporations with multiple departments.

Another element to purchasing a Samsung phone system that must be considered is whether you require a corded or cordless telephone set. Cordless versions offer greater portability but do have limited talking time due to battery life. Better yet, ensure that your system has headset capability to allow your employees to work hands-free whilst speaking with colleagues, suppliers and customers. This will increase productivity significantly and enhance the customer’s experience with your staff.

Finally take a good look at the features available with your Samsung phone system to ensure you will be able to maximize your new communication installation. All Samsung phone systems are feature-rich with voicemails, caller ID, call forwarding and waiting, hold music and more however optional extras such as auto-attendants, video conferencing and VoIP connectivity could also be required for your business.

The Best Samsung Phone System on Offer

When selecting a Samsung phone system, it is hard to look much further than the Samsung OfficeServ 7200 Phone System. This phone is the perfect communication solution for businesses of all sizes from 2 handsets to 800 handsets. There is no need for convertors for VoIP integration as all kits are fully equipped with such equipment internally, and are also compatible with traditional existing handsets or faxes within the office. The OfficeServ 7200 Phone System also supports both voice, data, wired, and wireless solutions. Furthermore, the system can be synced with servers and employees mobile phones to make communication easier. The phone system also has voice recognition, converts emails or texts into voice calls and can be programmed to automatically responds to common requests.

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