Cameron and the team have been servicing SHAW's PABX systems for over 20 years. Without doubt, an A class team who are onsite whenever I call. I would not hesitate to recommend this business for any telephony solution.

Shaw Stockbroking Limited

Alan Zion
General Manager

Experience the Benefits of Advanced Business Phone Systems Today

Whether establishing a new phone system or updating your current system, our professional communication technicians can help. Today’s technological advancements have created an exciting and unlimited range of business phone systems that can be tailored to your organizations communication needs and requirements.

Take the time to find out more information below. If you would like a free, no-obligation, tailored quote for your phone system requirements, contact our sales consultants via the form on the left of the page.

Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

Our Business Phone Systems will assist your workplace efficiency and will aid you in making the most out of your customer enquiries. A well structured business phone system is an integral component in assisting your organisation growth and market reputation.

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Small Business Phone Systems

If you want to improve customer service for your small business then you need an effective phone system. We cater for small businesses with our affordable Phone Systems that are easy to use an install -Get Connected

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Office Telephone Systems

Don’t miss any more Calls – Improve conversions with an effective Office Phone System. Our flexible systems can be installed into a variety of workplace locations and buildings.

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Phone Features

There are hundreds of available phone features to increase productivity of your employees and the professionalism of your business. With auto-attendants, tailored voicemails, hold tones, internal transfers and more, your phone system can be tailored and configured to suit your staff numbers and responsibilities, volume of calls, and organizational branding. We will be able to advise you on the most appropriate features for your office phone systems.

PBX Internal Systems

Many small to medium sized businesses are yet to experience the benefits of internal office phone systems to compliment the external system established for customer and supplier relationships. PBX business phone systems connect your entire workforce with user-friendly routing and the transferring of staff and clients to appropriate departments. PBX business phone systems have shown to save employees five hours every week in work time, dramatically increasing productivity. Sydney Phone Systems specialize in PBX business phone systems and are able to speak with you today about your business’s requirements.

VoIP Phone

The VoIP phone is a newer form of communication that connects callers via internet connections rather than traditional phone lines. This advancement has created more stable, cost-effective business phone systems and allows flexibility with remote access. Our expert service team is constantly staying abreast of VoIP advancements and will be able to assist you with the latest technology available.


We understand the significant inconvenience and loss of income the installation of a new phone system can incur. Our engineers work to schedule installation, configuration and testing’s around your business operations to ensure your office phone systems are up and running quickly with minimal disruption.

Contact our helpful and reliable team today by filling out the form on this page. You will be contacted by an experienced consultant and will receive a free, no obligation quote for the perfect system from our business phone systems range for your business and budget.