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Small Business VoIP: The Future of Communication Is Here

The emergence of the small business VoIP Phone System in the last decade has excited small business owners globally due to its low-cost and high-reliability features. The VoIP method of communication stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technologically advanced system allowing communication via an internet connection.

Small Business VoIP Providers

There are a number of small business VoIP providers and options available depending on your desired usage. Skype, Vonage and Google Voice are just a few of the widely-used small business VoIP providers allowing both communication between two computers or between a computer and a mobile or landline phone. These providers require software to be download and linked to a stable internet connection.

Low-Cost Phone System Alternative

Due to the inexpensive nature of this communicative alternative, small and big businesses are rapidly converting to VoIP systems. Small Business VoIP users can expect at phone bill saving of at least 35% and in many cases businesses have experienced a phone bill reduction of 80%. Small business VoIP operators can call between computers for free and a small charge is applicable for calling from computer to an outside phone line or if an additional phone line is required to receive calls on. Small Business VoIP packages are available at capped monthly fees allowing unlimited calls and flexibility. It is important to compare the small business VoIP package with your current phone bills to ensure the primary benefit of cost reduction is significant. The transferral of your traditional phone system to a new small business VoIP phone system is a very simple step requiring little adjustment , no switching costs, no additional equipment or training ensuring the cost benefits are experienced from day one.

Small Business VoIP Equipment

There are a few pieces of essential equipment that is required for small business VoIP users to communicate including an internet connection, speakers or headphones, a microphone and the capacity to download the relevant software. All major small software packages are compatible with both Mac and PC computers. The limited equipment requirements of a VoIP phone system are ideal for home businesses looking to install a second line and number. Simply adding a second number to your VoIP account will save the hassle and cost of line installation and expensive phone plans.

Flexibile Small Business VoIP Plans

There are a number of packages tailored for small business VoIP users on the market. You are able to keep the same business number when switching from your traditional phone system to VoIP avoiding any marketing or client relations often associated with a new business number. A basic small business VoIP package will allow you to apply your existing number with your choice of are code, receive access and service from any remote destination in the world free of charge, view caller ID, access conference call facilities and will often include unlimited local and long distance phone calls. There are a number of additional features also available in including voicemail, call waiting, call return, call forwarding and online tracking and reporting. Your business will reap the immediate benefits of a package as you and your staff experience the portable, fully-functionble and productive communication system which will increase productivity, accessibility and profitability.

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