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Alan Zion
General Manager

Cordless Phone System

Advancements of the Cordless Phone System

If your corded phone is old, tired or has become a nuisance in your home or office, it may be time to update to a cordless phone system. Original cordless phone systems were released in the 1970s but were unpopular on the market due to the short battery life, poor connectivity and fuzzy frequencies. Technological advancements have occurred over the last three decades offering users a new world of mobility whilst speaking on the phone.

Choosing a Cordless Phone System

Choosing a cordless phone system appropriate for your office can be overwhelming with most telephone makers providing a range of cordless options with differing designs, features and more. The first thing to consider when shopping for your cordless phone system is the usage of your system. If you are constantly speaking on the phone, the length of battery life will be important in your selection. Pick up the phones in stores and feel the weight, moulding and size of the numbered buttons to ensure they suit you and your usage needs.

It is important to research the frequency you require or the range of the cordless phone system. You may be making most of your communications from close to the handset hub, in which case the range will not be of great importance. If you are expecting movement around your home or office with the cordless phone, consider the meters that you can walk away from the handset hub and still receive a strong signal. It is a good idea to first consider the thickness of walls and amount of metal around the receiver as these will interfere with the phone reception and may require higher frequency models.

If you have a number of offices or a large, two-story warehouse, it is worth considering purchasing more than one cordless phone system allowing mobility and reliable, clear and steady connectivity throughout the premises. For business owners, project into the future and consider potential growth of your organisation. Ensure that your new cordless phone system is able to be scaled and expanded to house 10 or more handsets and chargers.

Feature-Rich Cordless Phone System

If you like or need the added benefits of a feature-rich cordless phone system, take a look at each phone’s brochure and the features on offer. There are a range of user-friendly features available with a cordless phone system including voicemail, caller ID, dual or multiple access throughout a home or office, LED displays, built-in cameras for room monitoring, call waiting, lost handset alarms, speed dialing, handset speaker phone, and call transfer or forwarding. Some cordless phone systems allow you to page a colleague or family member in another room alerting them to take the call from the nearest handset.

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