Cameron and the team have been servicing SHAW's PABX systems for over 20 years. Without doubt, an A class team who are onsite whenever I call. I would not hesitate to recommend this business for any telephony solution.

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Alan Zion
General Manager

Phone Features

Multiple Phone Features make business processes easier

There are a wide range of phone features available to install and configure on most landline and mobile phone systems. These features aim to save time, money and hassle whilst increasing productivity, flexibility and the caller and receiver’s experience of telephone communication. The most popular phone features are explored in detail:

Speed dialing is one of the more common phone features in most landline and mobile phone systems allowing one-touch connection to frequently called numbers. This feature is perfect for saving time and avoiding searching through phone books or databases. Speed dialing can also be incorporated into larger corporations and synced with customer relationship management databases.

Speaker phone or conference calling phone features are available on most handsets today allowing multiple speakers, hands-free communication and multi-tasking. This not only increases productivity of employees but allows all members of a family to enjoy communicating together. The range of handset microphones varies on individual models and should be considered when purchasing this feature.

Your phone system may also be able to be synced with other existing office equipment such as other landline handsets, fax machines, mobile phones or even your internet connections.

VoIP Phone Features

Video and audio conferencing are one of the most popular phone features available with most VoIP phone systems in today’s market. This feature sends not just audio but data packets between callers via an internet connection allowing real-time communication where the callers can not only hear but see each other. These phone features require a microphone and speakers or headphones for operation but open users to a new world of highly personal communication from all corners of the globe.

Automated attendants or virtual receptionists have grown to become one of the most popular of phone features in recent years with large corporations across the phone implementing this feature and saving thousands of dollars every year. The auto-attendants are a series of pre-recorded messages and self-transfering options and will answer your calls, greet customers and walk them through departmental or individual employee connectivity choices.

Your VoIP phone system also has a range of hold phone features playing both music and pre-recorded advertisements to callers on hold to maximize the silent waiting time and make sure your caller does not feel ignored or unattended. The profitability of a sales offer or discount special during the time the customer is waiting has a conversion rate of 30% so not only reduces customer dissatisfaction but increases sales and profits of the business.

Our educated and experienced team will be able to explain and instruct on the wide range of phone features available for your current or planned phone system.

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