Cameron and the team have been servicing SHAW's PABX systems for over 20 years. Without doubt, an A class team who are onsite whenever I call. I would not hesitate to recommend this business for any telephony solution.

Shaw Stockbroking Limited

Alan Zion
General Manager

Integrating Telephone Equipment

When we think about switching existing telephone equipment to VoIP equipment, it is easy to assume we need to buy everything new, which gets expensive. It is understandable to think that VoIP telephone equipment includes all new phones, new systems, switches, outlets around the company, and much more. However, VoIP telephone equipment is actually much less expensive than you might think! We specialize in helping you utilize your existing telephone equipment in a transfer to VoIP systems. In most cases, we can use your existing telephones for VoIP hardware, simply getting small adapters for each one. We can also utilize your existing internet infrastructure as telephone equipment, so little or no additional networking is needed.

What Current Equipment can be used in the VoIP Transfer?

This isn’t to say that all telephone equipment can be reused; there are still important parts that need to be new. These parts of the VoIP telephone equipment are ordered from industry leaders by Sydney Phone Systems and set up by our trained and experienced associates in the field. Companies like Cisco, Mediatrix, and Grandstream manufacture some of the best telephone equipment that money can buy, and we provide trained professionals with experience in all of the industry-leading hardware. Sydney Phone Systems is a leader in VoIP telephone equipment and its installation, our work can certainly be used to help you.

By using your existing telephone equipment, we can maximize your savings when you switch from traditional telephony to VoIP telephony. Along with some additional hardware and adapters, much of what you already use within a company can be reused in your new VoIP systems. As an industry leader in the field of VoIP telephony, our firm is experienced in handling telephone equipment and those ways that can save you money. If you have any questions about telephone equipment or how we can utilize your existing infrastructure, do not hesitate to contact us.