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Voicemail System

Importance of a Voicemail System for Small Business

A voicemail system is today a common feature of all business landline and mobile phone systems. With developments in technology, the growth of voicemail has continued offering small businesses flexibility, portability and a professional image and impression to customers calling the organisation. Business owners today recognize that good communication leads to higher productivity, higher quality and lower costs which ultimately results in profits for the business. For businesses that value business and wish to capture every potential lead, a voicemail system accessible 24/7 is essential. The most significant advancement of late that is offering great benefits for small businesses is the voicemail to text feature now available on almost every voicemail system.

Voicemail to Text

The voicemail to text service is a recent technological advancement in the voicemail system field that converts voice messages into text to send as an email or text message to your phone or email. The technology deciphers the spoken voice and words from any background noise and records it so you can simply read the message, save it or forward it as required whether it be during a business lunch or at a movie. This system also makes for easy voicemail storage and retrieval. This voicemail system feature includes fast translation so that there is minimal delay between the caller leaving the message and the receiver opening the text message. It is known to have a high level of accuracy and if you are unsure, trials are often available with most providers. This service is available on both home and mobile phones and is compatible with all types of phones that can receive emails or text messages.

Standalone Voicemail System

Your business is able to program a standalone voicemail system in conjunction with a range of other PBX features to enhance the customer’s phone experience with your company with relatively low costs and effort. Auto-attendants can direct callers through different departments and individual employees and forward to personalized voicemails when internal phones are not answered. A standalone voicemail system can often be implemented in most small businesses without purchasing any additional equipment but merely your existing telephone or internet connection.

Voicemail System Installation

Firstly, it is important to consider the capacity your will need in a voicemail system before purchasing. Some voicemail systems only allow one mailbox that all messages are left in. Other package provide multiple mailboxes for individualized voicemail recording and saving. Check how long your messages are stored for and decide on the time limit for leaving a message. This is usually between 3 to 5 minutes for a typical business voicemail package. Also check the capacity of each voicemail system as some providers will store at least 20 messages and additional space is available for additional monthly charges. Finally, you will need to configure the platform, record greetings, set passwords and learn the actions performed when certain buttons are pressed.

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