Cameron and the team have been servicing SHAW's PABX systems for over 20 years. Without doubt, an A class team who are onsite whenever I call. I would not hesitate to recommend this business for any telephony solution.

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Alan Zion
General Manager

How To Ensure Your Business Is Operating At Capacity And Maximising Every Profitable Opportunity By Installing a Tailored PBX Phone System In Your Office Today

What is a PBX phone system? Many people ask this question and find out that they have actually been witnessing or even using a PBX system for many years without knowledge. The PBX system is one of the most commonly used systems in business and it is oftentimes referred to as PABX.

What is a PBX Phone System?

Simply put, a PBX phone system is an internal communications system that allows employees to communicate with one another. Oftentimes you will find that a PBX system can be tied in with a fax machine as well as standard phones. In other words you would not need to worry about ordering separate lines for each communications device as this would be included in the network. Keep in mind that a standard PBX system is essentially a thing of the past as IP PBX has replaced it. There are more than a few benefits when it comes to the installation of a PBX system and they are normally these:

  • Heightened security due to the introduction of firewalls
  • Increased reliability
  • High end phones
  • Ability to support a number of different voicemail users

We have only presented a few of the benefits to running IP PBX phone systems, but you can be assured that there are many more. The biggest problem that you are going to face in the PBX arena is that of the installation process. This should not be difficult for trained professionals, but you will of course be facing the fact that a PBX phone system is incredibly complicated, even if you are dealing with IP phones and voicemail servers.

The Professionals Can Help

That being said, you will need to hire a company capable of taking care of your phones and of course ensuring that you have the right phone system for your business. Sydney Phone Systems is one of the region’s leading companies tat you will be able to outsource your phone system support to as they will not only provide you with a prompt service, but also a buyer’s guide to help you navigate the industry.