Cameron and the team have been servicing SHAW's PABX systems for over 20 years. Without doubt, an A class team who are onsite whenever I call. I would not hesitate to recommend this business for any telephony solution.

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Alan Zion
General Manager

Phone System

Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Phone System

How much does a Business Phone System cost? This question is a preliminary question to ensure the phone system is within your budget realms.

What system technology is available? This question will clarify if your phone system has VoIP or internet compatibility to allow calls to be made via internet and your business to enjoy the cost savings of this technology.

What phone features are available? There are countless phone features available with every phone system from voicemail to virtual receptionist so make sure these suit your businesses current and future needs.

What is the best pricing scheme for me? Research the phone system dealer’s payment options including flat fee, monthly lease, bundling or plan payment. You may also wish to confirm the suitable package with your business accountant.

What is your most competitive quote? It is advantageous to shop around when purchasing a phone system so that you can compare quotes and receive considerable discounts from competing suppliers.

May I see the contract? The phone system contract should include comprehensive details of the product including make, model and product numbers, agreed payment scheme, installation costs, post-sale support, and guarantees or warranties that may be included.

Will you install, maintain and support my phone system? This question may not seem important when shopping for your new phone system but if you do not qualify future costs and maintenance of your system, you may be left with nasty bills and little support in years to come.

Are your past and current customers happy? Request references or testimonials from the telecommunications dealer to ensure they are highly regarded and satisfying their current and past customers. This will also reveal their areas of expertise to you so you can ensure this matches with the type and size of product and service you require.

Internet Phone System Advancements bring lower costs

Recent advancements and innovations in the telephonic industry and the collaboration of internet and telephone communication have led to the release of the internet phone system or VoIP phone system allowing callers to connect with both audio and video communication across an internet connection.

This solution has begun to be heavily adopted by large global corporations and international families alike due to its low-cost local, national and international calls. So long as a stable internet connection as available, calls made over an internet phone system are clear, secure and reliable alternatives to calling via a physical phone line. Such technologies not only allow businesses to communicate better with their customers, employees and suppliers but also increase productivity and ultimately profits.

Our Telecommunications professionals at Sydney Phone Systems are able to discuss a suitable phone system for your business today.

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