Cameron and the team have been servicing SHAW's PABX systems for over 20 years. Without doubt, an A class team who are onsite whenever I call. I would not hesitate to recommend this business for any telephony solution.

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Alan Zion
General Manager

Telephone System

Tips for Selecting a Business Telephone System

There are many elements that need to be considered and researched in order to select a suitable telephone system for your business. With a wide range of phones on the market today, the choice can be overwhelming and can seem overly technical. However by following these simple tips, you will be able to enjoy a stress-free and successful shopping experience.

Firstly, consider your capacity and budget for your new telephone system. If you are an individual buying for your home, you may only need one handset and a relatively low-cost monthly bill. If you are a business owner of a small business you may require up to ten handsets and multiple external lines allowing multiple users simultaneously. For larger corporations, you may be looking for over 1000 handsets, scores of external lines and an internal network for in-house phone connection between departments and colleagues. Don’t forget to think about future growth and the ability of the telephone system to extend to support further handsets, hubs and lines.

Another area that you will need to explore is the compatibility and user-friendly nature of your telephone system. You may need to connect your new telephone system with existing handsets, internet connections or faxes so ensure you have an appropriate model with such capabilities. Furthermore, consider the usability of all the telephone system’s features to make sure you are confident in operating the system and will not need extensive training or support.

Guarantees & Warranties of Your Telephone System

It is essential to research the applicable warranties or guarantees of your telephone system to ensure you will be supported should technical faults occur. Warranties should cover repair or replacement and have a timeframe on such services to ensure your business is not disrupted or affected by faulty handsets. Furthermore, research any potential hidden costs that may apply should you require repair or maintenance of lines or hardware as this is a nasty surprise that can be avoided. Make sure you read the fine print of all documents and payment plans you sign to ensure you are supported in all circumstances.

Research your Telephone System Dealer

Finally, it is important to thoroughly research you telephone system dealer as they often also provide the phone connection and monthly payment plans as well as the actual hardware and equipment. You need a reliable and reputable operator who will offer quality, secure and guaranteed products and post-purchase services to avoid future stress, costs or hassle. Request references or testimonials from past clients who purchased a similar telephone system to those you are considering.

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