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VoIP Phone

VoIP Phone – Discover The Latest Communication Advancement Available

A VoIP Phone is simply a phone system that transmits audio communication via an internet connection rather than traditional physical phone lines. The significant attraction of the VoIP phone and main reasons for conversions of individuals and businesses globally is its considerable cost savings and portability.

How a VoIP Phone Works

VoIP phone calls are made via an internet connection and can be made on office computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPads and more. If both the caller and receiver and communicating via a VoIP Phone, the call is free as VoIP uses kbps rather than traditional minutes tolling. Therefore, such fees are included in the both user’s monthly internet bill which will often remain unchanged.

A VoIP phone is also able to connect a caller from a computer with a receiver on a regular mobile phone or landline, usually for a small additional charge. Again, as all tracking and billing runs on an internet based kbps rather than traditional phone minutes per call, the usage is unchanged whether the caller is speaking with a receiver across the road or across the country.

Furthermore, the emergence of the mobile VoIP phone into the mainstream mobile phone market has seen the portability of VoIP increase ten-fold as staff are able to take their business phone system and client meetings with them on business trips and travellers are able to hear and see loved ones at home from all four corners of the globe.

The VoIP phone is most famous for its video conferencing features that combine voice and video to enhance communication to a new level. Callers are able to hear and see receivers opening a new door into a world of remote VoIP business meetings. Staff no longer need to interrupt their schedule to travel across town and meet with clients or suppliers. All business meetings can be held over a VoIP phone system with multiple-way calling and numerous users on each connection. User friendly features such as video conferencing have assisted companies in increasing employee productivity with studies reporting that the staff members of businesses that implement a VoIP phone system experience a saving of approximately four hours a week.

VoIP Phone Risks

Keep in mind that power surges, power cuts or internet connection malfunctions will cause your VoIP phone to be out of service until all systems are reinstated and connected. This can not only be inconvenient but also dangerous in the event of emergencies. It is important to ensure that large businesses do not switch to a VoIP phone system until their internet connection is stable, secure and supported with an IT technician or team. Access to power from a back-up generator may also be available to large companies in office complexes that will further eliminate the impact of power surges or failures.

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