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IP Phone Systems

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VoIP Phone Systems

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The days of broken phone lines, poor reception and expensive phone bills has gone and the VoIP Phone is here! VoIP phones (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the latest technological advancement in the telecommunications industry allowing callers to communicate through an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines.

The main users of VoIP were traditionally callers wishing to communicate internationally, often when traveling or living away from family. In recent years, the VoIP phone has evolved to move in to the business sector and has become a major communication means for corporations across the globe, both small and large. Furthermore, the conference calling and video capabilities of the phone has offered a new form of communication to businesses increasing flexibility, professionalism and productivity.

How it Works

The caller’s speech and/or video footage is transferred into data packets, sent via internet connections via the computer’s IP and is then converted back into audio and visual data to be played to the receiver. This eliminates the need for analog phone lines and cabling.

Cost Benefits

Due to businesses communicating more, or entirely, over internet rather than phone lines, many businesses are decreasing or eliminating phone bills all together. Small to medium sized businesses often have their VoIP phone calls absorbed in their capped monthly internet bill, saving the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Realistic Limitations of a VoIP Phone

Keep in mind that as with all phone systems, the VoIP Phone does have some limitations and disadvantages when compared with traditional phone models. If your VoIP is operating through an in-house internet connection, it will be affected by cuts in electricity and power surges. Also, if you do not have a fast-speed, high-quality internet connection, you may find video conferencing and phone quality to be poor, broken or delayed.

Find out more about VoIP phones and their suitability for your business by filling out the form on this page. You will be put in contact with an experienced telecommunications expert who will be able to advise of the best VoIP product for your requirements and provide a free, no-obligation quote.