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Alan Zion
General Manager

VoIP DECT Phone: Go Wireless

Most people today have cordless phones in their home and in their businesses. Simply put, those long cords in the kitchen or stretching across the office desk are a thing of the past. Furthermore, the technologies available with today’s cordless phones will also allow you to configure VoIP feature, especially with the creation of the DECT phone or Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones. In almost every case, your phone that you already employ can be used as a VoIP DECT phone. Sydney Phone Systems provides you with the tools to turn your traditional phones, including DECT variants, into a phone for your business.

The use of existing technology is a cornerstone of much of what our Phone Systems can do for your company. If you use DECT phones or any other phone for your current system, we can give you a VoIP DECT phone with the use of a simple adapter. The adapter is a small device that plugs into the end of the phone line on the device and into the internet plug in your wall. Besides that, the phone will operate in the exact same fashion as other DECT phones.

Need a VoIp DECT Phone in your Business? We can help

If you don’t have DECT phones for your business now but would like to upgrade to a VoIP DECT phone and system, we can also help you with the bulk ordering of new phones. Industry leading manufacturers like Cisco Systems, Nortel, and Siemens make a VoIP DECT phone that require no adapters. Of course, these are more expensive than the adapter method, but the additional versatility provided is beneficial to the company, and worth every penny.

Our qualified team of phone system industry experts can help you turn your normal cordless phones into a VoIP DECT phone as well as order a new phone if you do not have any already. If you are ready to make the jump into the VoIP system world, do not hesitate to contact us today.